Mommy Brain–What is it…and where are my keys?!

Mommy Brain

Throughout my pregnancy I always heard about “mommy brain”, or “baby brain”, and was told that I wasn’t going to know which way was up by the time I had our daughter! I knew that the lack of sleep, and general exhaustion, would of course impact my mental state a little…I had no idea! Mommy […]

Tidying Up With Your Toddler

Tidying Up With A Toddler ~

  Before we get started, I am well aware of the contradiction between tidy and toddler, but yes, it is possible to have both! Most people who know our little one think that she is the most organized and tidy little two-year-old you could ever meet! When we visit other people’s homes she is very […]

Super Easy Homemade Apple Fritters

Homemade Apple Fritters

My hubby’s been working late since starting a new job a few weeks ago, so it was a big deal for him to be home for dinner tonight! We wanted to make it fun, so Maddie and I made these Homemade Apple Fritters for dessert…They were gone in minutes! With only a couple of ingredients […]