Make Your Own Ottoman

Make Your Own Ottoman


I found the most amazing tutorial on how to make your own ottoman…from a cooler! I just had to share this amazingly creative repurposing from Imparting Grace!

What You’ll Need to Make Your Own Ottoman…

  • styrofoam cooler–sturdy enough to sit on!
  • durable fabric
  • glue gun
  • wood (for the base)
  • foam (old mattress pad works great!)

This idea is simply perfect for an outdoor seating area, and durable as well! Other than some fading of the fabric, the author of this tutorial has had hers out for 2 years, all four seasons, with no issues!

Not only is this more cost effective than purchasing one already made, but you can customize it to suit your style, and lets be honest…it looks like a lot of fun!

How To Make Your Own Ottoman Tutorial


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