Caring For Kids During A Heat Wave

Caring For Kids During A Heat Wave


We’re in the midst of a brutal heat wave right now, and it’s so crucial for parents, teachers, babysitters, anyone, to know how important caring for kids during a heat wave can be!

When the temperatures spike, please keep in mind that children do not have the awareness, knowledge, or sometimes even the ability to communicate how they are feeling (depending on age), so you must be aware of the signs that something is wrong!

Symptoms to watch out for…

  • red, warmer than usual skin but no sweating
  • dizziness, nausea
  • paleness
  • quick and shallow breathing
  • rapid heart rate

Checking your child for these symptoms frequently during a hot weather alert is not obsessive, it’s necessary!

Some tips for keeping cool…

  • Stay in an air conditioned room! If you don’t have air conditioning at home, visit a friend, or plan a trip to the library/movie theater for those really hot days!
  • Drink plenty of water! Even if you don’t think your child is thirsty, encourage them to drink up to 3-4 glasses of water per hour to fight off the heat and keep them properly hydrated.
  • Only go outside before lunch time or in the evenings to avoid the hot sun at it’s highest point!
  • Wear light colors to help reflect the sun when you are outside.
  • Wear sunscreen! While this is always important, it is especially vital during a heat wave. Sun burned skin will make it that much harder for the body to cool down.

Young children, the elderly, and animals are especially susceptible to heat related illnesses, so be aware and do your part to help keep them safe!

Most importantly, if you see even a glimmer of the above symptoms, call your doctor for further advice! Don’t wait until it’s too late!



  1. Barb says

    Greaty tips! But most importantly, try to limit transportation in vehicles especially if you have no a/c, and above all, don’t leave them in the car!!!!!

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