To Donate, or Not To Donate…That Is The Question!

When Should You Donate Your Child's Old Clothing and Toys?


I recently had a conversation with my hubby surrounding the space saver bags hidden under our daughter’s bed which are filled with her infant clothes. To donate, or not to donate…that is the question!

I’m sure many people have dealt with this issue and I’m wondering, how do you decide? When are you ready to part ways with your little one’s little things?

I completely understand where my hubby is coming from when he says that it is just taking up space, but at the same time…what else needs to go under her bed?! ;)
We do have toys of hers as well that she has completely outgrown and are taking up space in our basement closets right now, so I do honestly see where he’s coming from!

We have also been in the position before where if we didn’t shop thrift shops, we would’ve been sporting our birthday suits around town! So I would definitely like to be able to give back for those that are in need now like we were…but just can’t seem to part with them.

Between the emotional attachment to all her “firsts” which I remember through these items (since I don’t remember much these days with my good old “Mommy Brain” leading the way!), and the potential of another little one on the way in the near future (already having toys and clothes would mean huge savings)…I’m torn!

The clothes could be very helpful if we were to have another girl, but then what if we had a boy? Would I be ready to part with them, or hold on “just in case” we have another?

I know that much of my holding on also has to do with the fact that we have been in a position where we needed donations in order to get by, and perhaps a fear that if it happened once, who can say it wont happen again?

What do you think? Did you donate your child’s old toys/clothing? How long did you wait before taking the plunge? Comment below!


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