Zipzicles Review and Giveaway!

Zipzicles Review and Giveaway


I am so excited to be able to share this Zipzicles review and giveaway with you all! We’ve been having so much fun with these during this crazy heat wave we’ve been sluggishly making our way through, and I’m looking forward to sharing these with another lucky Real Mommy too!

What are Zipzicles?

Zipcicles are very similar to ziploc bags in the way that they function, but are designed especially for homemade frozen treats!

How do Zipzicles work?

Once you create your own filling, you simply pinch the bag open, fill it to the line, and zip closed!
Once full, simply stand them in a cup in the freezer for a couple of hours and you’re all set!

Zipzicles Review and Giveaway

Where can I buy Zipzicles?

Zipzicles are available for purchase online, here.

My Two Cents…

These little plastic bags are not only functional, but super durable! They can be washed and reused again and again!
I like that they are also more sturdy and wider than a regular freezie you would buy at the store, perfect for little hands that tend to break and drop things!

We’ve been trying a few different Zipzicle recipes of our own and so far we haven’t found one that we don’t like!
We’ve blended strawberries and juice and frozen it, berries and yogurt, even just water infused with berries has been yummy! To do that we simply fill a pitcher with water and add berries, fruits, lemon, whatever you like, and let it sit in the fridge overnight so the flavor sinks in. Then just pour the water into your Zipzicles and freeze!


I have a 12 pack of Zipzicles to give away to one lucky fan! The contest will close on Monday, July 22, at Midnight (ET). Enter below…good luck everyone!
Click To Enter Zipzicle Giveaway!

**Congrats to our Zipzicles winner…Melissa Alain Fowers! More great giveaways on the way so keep your eyes on our page:)


  1. Andrea Amy says

    These are great. MY kids would LOVE Them and I would love them since I could use healthy juice instead of the sugar loaded stuff that are normally what freezies are made of! Thank you for the chance, I have entered your giveaway :)

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