Preparing For Baby: A Savings Guide For New Parents

Preparing For Baby

  So you are having a baby…Congrats! In this blog post you will not only learn about some of the great baby freebies you should sign up for while you are waiting for your special delivery, but what to keep in mind as you stock your home while preparing for baby!

How To Revive Your Dining Room For Under $50!

How To Revive Your Dining Room For Under $50

  Let’s start with…my dining room was driving me crazy! It was dark, blah, and quickly becoming more of a playroom/dumping ground than a place to sit and enjoy a meal! I racked my brain for awhile thinking of what I wanted the outcome to be…light and bright, warm, inviting, CLEAN, fun….and not going to […]

Super Creamy Broccoli Pasta Recipe (aka “Cheesy Tree-sy Pasta”)

Super Creamy Broccoli Pasta

  We made this super creamy broccoli pasta for dinner for the first time months ago, and since then Maddie has re-named it “Cheesy Tree-sy Pasta”! This super cheesy recipe is nice and smooth, quick and easy to put together, and will fill the whole family on the first serving!

Budgeting Education Savings For Your Child: The Basics

Budgeting Education Savings For Your Child

Help Give Your Child’s Education A Kick-Start  An education fund should be part of your savings and investments goals, especially if you have a child and can afford to participate in the program. So you are about to have a baby, or you’ve had a baby, and you want to open a tax-sheltered Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) […]

Preparing For A Trip To The Hospital

Preparing For A Trip To The Hospital

  Well, we made it  2 years and nearly 3 months before having to go through the process of preparing for a trip to the hospital with Maddie! We had a good run kiddo! Sadly, this accident was not all on Maddie…I (“Mom of the year” over here! LOL) must admit that I was jumping […]