Super Creamy Broccoli Pasta Recipe (aka “Cheesy Tree-sy Pasta”)

Super Creamy Broccoli Pasta


We made this super creamy broccoli pasta for dinner for the first time months ago, and since then Maddie has re-named it “Cheesy Tree-sy Pasta”!

This super cheesy recipe is nice and smooth, quick and easy to put together, and will fill the whole family on the first serving!



1 pkg light cream cheese (softened)

1/2 cup light mayo

1/4 cup milk

2 cups chopped broccoli (steamed)

macaroni pasta


Step 1: Combine softened cream cheese and mayo in a bowl and mix together with a fork.

Step 2: Gradually add milk to cream cheese and mayo bowl and mix. It will still be a little thick, it will get creamy when you add the broccoli.

Step 3: Steam chopped broccoli (in a rush I just add about 1 cup of water nd the broccoli to a microwave safe bowl and put a plate on top and microwave for about 4 minutes, then drain).

Step 4: Prepare pasta as per instructions.

Step 5: Add steamed broccoli to the cream cheese mixture while still hot and mix to make it nice and creamy.

Step 6: Add broccoli cream cheese sauce to pasta and enjoy!

Super Creamy Broccoli Pasta

This Cheesy Tree-sy Pasta i always a hit in our house, and the fact that it’s so fast to put together is a huge bonus!

Sidenote…careful when you start calling broccoli “trees” with your little one! We’ve very quickly tried to correct it (to no avail) since observing a number of instances where Maddie has found leaves at the park and said “Trees!” just before taking a big bite, followed by a disgusted look! LOL:)

On the plus side, “trees” are a fave of hers! We were at a baptism this past weekend and there were veggie trays out that Maddie was visiting (and re-visiting!) for more and more broccoli! Each new person I met immediately associated me with “that little girl that LOVES broccoli“! Could be worse!


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