My name is Julia, and I am Real Mommy!Profile Picture ~ Real-Mommy.com

I have a husband of 7 years, and an adorable 3 year old daughter, Maddie, who loves to test my patience at the worst times!

Real Mommy was created so I could share my experiences in raising a child, managing a household, and being a wife and mother! I hope that my tips and tricks shared here based on what I’ve learned over the years will help take some of the guesswork out of it for those just joining us Real Mommies!

I am in no way an expert, just working at “Mastering Mommyhood, One Day at a Time“!

I encourage open communication and would love to hear your thoughts on any articles using the Comments section at the bottom of every single post!

If you would like to contact me privately, or share a “mommy lesson” with the other Real Mommies out there, please email info@real-mommy.com.

Thanks for joining me in my journey to Mastering Mommyhood!