Why Kids Whine and How To Stop It

Why Kids Whine and How To Stop It

  Most people don’t ever stop to find out Why Kids Whine, and are more focused on how to stop it. And really…I don’t blame them! Once your child starts developing their language skills enough to start forming basic sentences, it seems their new favorite game becomes “Let’s see how long I can whine before Mommy […]

Our Potty Training Journey: Part 1

Our Potty Training Journey

  When I talk about our potty training “journey”, it really was just that! We had a TON of trial and error on our way to a diaper free toddler, and I’m very excited to share it all with you! I will need to release these in a series as it was A LOT of […]

The Importance Of A Bedtime Routine

Importance of a Bedtime Routine

  Many people really don’t realize the importance of a bedtime routine, and I was one of them when we first started this journey of parenting! We got into a habit of sleeping when Maddie would “allow” us to, and spending many nights singing, reading, rocking, feeding, and even crawling into her little toddler bed with her if we […]

Preparing For Baby: A Savings Guide For New Parents

Preparing For Baby

  So you are having a baby…Congrats! In this blog post you will not only learn about some of the great baby freebies you should sign up for while you are waiting for your special delivery, but what to keep in mind as you stock your home while preparing for baby!

Budgeting Education Savings For Your Child: The Basics

Budgeting Education Savings For Your Child

Help Give Your Child’s Education A Kick-Start  An education fund should be part of your savings and investments goals, especially if you have a child and can afford to participate in the program. So you are about to have a baby, or you’ve had a baby, and you want to open a tax-sheltered Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) […]