45 Dollar Store Crafts For Kids

45 Dollar Store Crafts For Kids ~ Real-Mommy.com

So as I’m writing this, our yard just seems to keep getting buried in snow. Everytime I think it’s done it just..keeps…coming! If you’ve followed Real Mommy for a little while, you’ll know I am not a fan of snow or being anywhere near it! So keeping Maddie occupied when that’s all that’s around us […]

Two Ingredient Pancakes (Gluten Free/No Added Sugar)

Two Ingredient Pancakes (Gluten Free/No Added Sugar) ~ Real-Mommy.com

  We’ve had these two ingredient pancakes 3 days this past week…Maddie just can’t get enough! I’m always on the lookout for gluten free homemade recipes that taste good, and this one hit the nail on the head! Maddie doesn’t necessarily have a gluten “intolerance”, she doesn’t  feel sick when she has things like bread or […]

Teaching Kids The Value Of A Dollar

Teaching Kids The Value Of A Dollar ~ Real-Mommy.com

I’d probably be pretty accurate in assuming that most of you reading this don’t have the best “relationship” with money! For many it’s a very complicated topic that exhausts you just thinking about it! Knowing about finance (anything related to budgets, money, etc.) is an important life skill that everyone needs to know, even if we […]

The Only Homemade Bread Recipe You’ll Ever Need!

The Only Homemade Bread Recipe You'll Ever Need! ~ Real-Mommy.com

I’m not one to choose the convenience of pre-made if I can do it myself! That being said, trial and error is a huge part of my life! Since I was diagnosed with PCOS, I’ve become much more aware of what is in our food, and how the ingredients impact our bodies. My label reading […]

The Kangaroo In My Bathroom…

The Kangaroo In My Bathroom ~ Real-Mommy.com

If there’s one thing I have discovered being a stay at home Mom, it’s that the lessons your child can teach you are priceless! Just when you think you are taking care of them, they turn around and throw something profound in your face, without even blinking! So I bet you’re all wondering about this […]